My Latest Obsession: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap

The first time I tried a Dr Bronner’s soap was at someone’s house and it was the peppermint scented version.   I swear that it made my genitals burn.  Not just tingle slightly, but full on I thought I might be permanently damaged by it.  It was really not that amusing and I swore never […]

Glutino Yogurt Covered Pretzels = Amazing

OMG.  If you are trying to go gluten-free but you still want a yummy snack then you have got to try these Glutino Yogurt Covered Pretzels.  They are actually probably more delicious than regular pretzels.  Totally delicious and highly recommended!  Friends have found them at Whole Foods and I have also found them online at […]

February Reading

Read = 7 Total 2013 = 14 Goal 53 – 14 = 39 left to go I got through a few books in the Month of February.   Several thrillers that had to do with dysfunctional teenagers.  I’m not entirely sure how I got on the kick of psychotic teenagers, but I flew through these few novels. […]

Mid-century Bar-tastic

I have taken my new found love of cocktails to a whole new level.  Yes, in true Nerdgirl style I have had to set up an entire bar to go along with this “hobby”.  All of this is being assembled and I can put up some pictures of the final product when the items arrive, […]

Yoga and stretching are basically the same? Say it ain’t so.

Yoga and stretching are basically the same? Say it aint so.

A study believed to be the largest of its kind suggests that the physical aspects of yoga are effective at relieving low back pain, but it didn’t find any evidence that yoga provided broader mental benefits. But the current study found both yoga and stretching were equally as effective, suggesting the benefits of yoga are […]

Recommended Reading for October 2011

Recommended Reading for October 2011

I was having a bit of a bad run of reading in the past few months, so it was a refreshing surprise to have hit three good books in a row. Finally! Things that I recommend for this month? Super Sad True Love Story – by Gary Shtenygart The Art of Fielding – by Chad […]