New Bill Bryson book – Seeing Further: The Story of Science, Discovery, and the Genius of the Royal Society

I am a big fan of Bill Bryson books. He started out as mainly a travel writer, but in the past few books he has ventured more into topics that  might be considered mundane like the history of objects in a house. I love his writing style. It is informative and playful. He does a great job of making one feel intelligent about difficult subjects by breaking them down into an elementary level that isn’t condescending. He is always a joy to read. So when I saw that he has a new book about the Royal Society I ordered it for the Kindle. I’m sure that it will be just as informative and fun as the rest of his books.

If you haven’t had a chance to read some old Bryson, be sure to do the travelogues through Europe and also the Shakespeare book is quite good.

[box type=”download”] Seeing Further: The Story of Science, Discovery & The Genius of the Royal Society on Amazon – Release date November 8, 2011[/box]