Breathometer – saving myself from a holiday dui?

The Breathometer showed up the other day from an indigogo campaign (and I guess they were also on Sharktank with Mark Cuban, but I never watch that show so I didn’t see it).  I have a bad indigogo/Kickstarter habit so I didn’t even remember backing this one.  Or maybe ironically I was drunk when I ordered […]

Why I’m excited about the Amazon Kindle Fire

Why Im excited about the Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon announced its latest line of Kindles today and the much anticipated Kindle Fire. I’m so excited for this! I have owned every Kindle since their first release and this will be no exception. I love my Kindle and I feel like I’ve been cheating on it lately with my iPad because I can’t justify […]

Android App of the Week: Muni Alerts Pro

Hello, San Franciscans!  If you live in the city and take Muni, then this is the app for you.  Muni Alerts Pro by Ross McFarland.   I use this thing pretty much on a daily basis to figure out when I have to tromp my butt up to the J-Church and also on my way […]

Automate Android with Tasker. Lifechanging.

Tasker for Android is a complete lifechanger for me. The geek in me doesn’t say that lightly. Tasker is an Android app that allows you to pretty much automate anything on your phone.  It is so powerful that even I don’t know exactly what to do with it! See the full gallery on Posterous Some […]

Android App of the Week: SuperShuttle

I am a cheapskate.  I admit it.  Not when it comes to gadgets, but when it comes to other things that I deem not worthy like hitching a ride to the airport.  It seems like a ripoff to spend $55 to get to the airport when it only takes 20 minutes tops in SF, so […]

Starbucks for Android

via I am a coffee fiend. I admit it. I drink a lot of Starbucks. People in SF think I am the anti-Christ because I drink the ‘bucks’. I don’t care what they think. And now instead of paying with my little card, I can pay with my Android phone. Finally. And you can […]

Android App of the Week: PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

via I love this app. I have it set my wallpaper from my favorite images and it auto refreshes on whatever frequency I choose. There is an upgraded version that does trickier image settings and for only $0.99 why not? You can also have it pull from Facebook photos – your own and your […]

iPad vs Android Tablet

Everyone who follows the Nerdgirl for sometime has realized that I am a complete whore for my Android phone.  I love installing custom ROMs on it and I wouldn't change back to an iPhone without a fight.   There is a pretty simple explanation for this resistance…I HATE THE IPHONE KEYBOARD.  Hate.  I can't type […]

Android phone tip: Wifi not connecting and staying connected to router

For some reason, several Android devices connect to the home wifi and then they mysteriously disconnect. This has been a problem that has gone on too long in this household and I was getting terribly frustrated.  I finally think I have traced the cause down to the router encryption.   We had the router set […]

‪MIUI on MyTouch 4G‬‏ – YouTube

‪MIUI on MyTouch 4G‬‏ - YouTube

via This is MIUI running on the MyTouch4G. Love it! For more info and to hack your own phone: