iPad vs Android Tablet


Everyone who follows the Nerdgirl for sometime has realized that I am a complete whore for my Android phone.  I love installing custom ROMs on it and I wouldn't change back to an iPhone without a fight.  

There is a pretty simple explanation for this resistance…I HATE THE IPHONE KEYBOARD.  Hate.  I can't type on it.  I have never been able to and I don't even want to try.  Thankfully the nice Android folks recognize that not everyone wants a really shitty keyboard, so they allow me to change my input method to something that suits me better.  I appreciate this greatly and am loyal on my phone to them.  Plus I love that little alien a whole bunch.

Things get a little trickier when it comes to my choice of tablets.  I own an iPad2.  I also owned an iPad1.  And, guess what?  I LOVE IT.  It is my media consuming device.  It is my time sucker device.  It is my look at pretty pictures device.  It is not a device that lends itself to productivity (unless watching Skins on Netflix counts).

I also have a Barnes & Noble nook that has been hacked with the latest MIUI Android OS and have played extensively with the Motorola Xoom tablet.  

To be fair and honest, the lack of tablet specific apps on Android is a downer.  Plus, we can all be clear in the fact that Android apps are just slightly uglier (or a lot uglier) than their iPad/Phone cousins.  There is something to be said about the Apple design aesthetic that Android apps are mostly lacking.  There are far more iPad specific apps than Android tablet apps and they are designed a hell of a lot better.  Media consumption on the iPad is amazing with all the magazines and video apps.  Android is simply not there yet.

Winner of the Tablet War?
Winner winner chicken dinner: iPad2

Check back in a year and see if I still feel the same way.