Android App of the Week: SuperShuttle


I am a cheapskate.  I admit it.  Not when it comes to gadgets, but when it comes to other things that I deem not worthy like hitching a ride to the airport.  It seems like a ripoff to spend $55 to get to the airport when it only takes 20 minutes tops in SF, so I sometimes opt to take the SuperShuttle.  Door to door it is only $17 + tip.  Bargain!  I get the comfort of someone taking my bags and lovingly dropping me off, but for a discount.  I have also discovered that from my part of the city I usually end up being the last pickup which means that I get to the airport in the same time as it would take a taxi.

SuperShuttle has an Android app.  It isn’t the most groundbreaking of apps.  It is simply functional.  You can book your shuttle directly from the app and pay for it.  Also very handy for checking where your shuttle is.

My other SuperShuttle tips are:

1) Always sit in the front passenger seat.  Way more comfy and you don’t have to deal with the other passengers.

2) If you are like me and you hate to show up at the airport hours early, then lie about what time your departure is.  It can get a little sketchy if you have to pick up other passengers, but if you play it right you can get there on time without the 2 hour padding window that Supershuttle likes to place on you.

So whatcha waiting for?  Get bookin!

SuperShuttle in the Android Market: