Android App of the Week: Muni Alerts Pro

Hello, San Franciscans!  If you live in the city and take Muni, then this is the app for you.  Muni Alerts Pro by Ross McFarland.   I use this thing pretty much on a daily basis to figure out when I have to tromp my butt up to the J-Church and also on my way back.  Totally justified its $3.99 cost in the time it has saved me from freezing my ass off at the train stop.

Muni Alerts Pro is a pretty simple, but powerful app.  The app has all of the different Muni routes in SF including train, bus and cable cars.  You can even bookmark your usual routes with the closest stop to avoid all the noise.   Then from your home screen you can see when the next several trains are about to hit that particular stop.  It is all updated in realtime and I have found it to be pretty accurate (since it backbones off live Muni data, duh).

Muni Alerts also has a “nearby” function built-in that will use your GPS to determine what the nearest stop / line is to you. This could come in handy for sure although I’m pretty stuck in my routine at this point.

Another cool feature is the ability to set up alerts.  Handy if you were trying to leave the office in an hour and need a 10 minute buffer to get to the train station.

Don’t be fooled by the name Muni Alerts because this app actually has a bunch of different agencies bundled in.  Including Los Angeles Metro.

It is a great little app.  Nice clean interface and does its job with no crazy bells and whistles.  One of my favorites!

Download Muni Alerts Pro on the Android Market