Can Can Cleanse

Being that I am so Californian these days, I decided to do a juice cleanse.  We do have a Blentek blender and a juicer, but the thought of juicing 8 different juices a day for 3 days seemed like way too much effort.  Yes, I am lazy.  So I started researching online to see what […]

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Bonded Teak Series

  Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Schmidt Bros® Bonded Teak Series 15 Pc. Downtown Block Set. Read an article about the Schmidt Brothers who have started a company making a lower priced, but “just as good” knife set.  These are pretty fabulous looking with teak handles.  I have to say that at $415 for the set they […]

Love Ramen? Get Lucky Peach magazine

All I can say is that I am amazed by this magazine. If you haven’t heard of Lucky Peach and you call yourself a “foodie”, you might as well go cry into your Korean taco at the over-televised food truck and continue watching Top Chef while you pretend to appreciate art. Lucky Peach is a […]

No one can resist my Schweddy Balls

Ben and Jerry’s is seriously one of the funniest companies on the planet for releasing a new flavor of ice cream paying homage to the famous Saturday Night Live skit, featuring Alec Baldwin, called Schweddy Balls.  If you haven’t seen it then watch the clip above and giggle like a little schoolgirl. Schweddy Balls ice […]

Livingsocial deal $10 for $20 at Whole Foods

Livingsocial deal $10 for $20 at Whole Foods

It is almost like printing cash. Livingsocial has a $20 coupon for only $10 today for Whole Foods. Since I am forced most of the time to go there, I might as well save some money. You can save some moneys as well. What are you waiting for?!? [button color=”pink” link=”″]Get the Deal[/button]

Wait, what? Google acquires Zagat?!?

Holy interesting.  Google has announced they have acquired Zagat – the foodie guide.  Can’t wait to see how they integrate Zagat ratings into mobile apps!  Wonder if this means the death of Zagat’s book arm. Read more about the annoucement on Google’s official blog:

Eight Great San Francisco Coffee Shops

via Enjoy some great coffee while you are in SF. I, personally, like Starbucks which mostly makes everyone in SF laugh at me or hate me. I don’t care. I like vanilla flavoring. I’m ghetto like that.

I’m not a wino, I’m a why yes! Never lose a glass of wine again.

If you have ever been at a dinner party and lost your wine glass then you clearly aren't alone.  I have a really bad habit of losing my glass and then drinking from the next one I find.  A little gross, but what are you gonna do?   I'll tell you what you are gonna […]