Love Ramen? Get Lucky Peach magazine

All I can say is that I am amazed by this magazine. If you haven’t heard of Lucky Peach and you call yourself a “foodie”, you might as well go cry into your Korean taco at the over-televised food truck and continue watching Top Chef while you pretend to appreciate art. Lucky Peach is a “New Food Quarterly from Momofuku’s David Chang”. Issue 1 is all about Ramen. Yep. 174 non-glossy, thick-coated pages of pure Ramen. Writing on ramen. Drawings of ramen. More writing on ramen. A few pictures of ramen. And throw in some eggs for good measure because, fuck it, why not, it is their magazine and they can do it the way they want. And that is what I love about it. There are no glam chef shots in here. There is no sugar coating. This is a magazine for the purists. The food geeks that want to read 174 pages of pure McSweeny-style, no holds barred food writing and satire from some of the world’s most sarcastic, but fun chefs.

Totally worth the $8. Get it from Amazon Prime. I have yet to figure out how to subscribe…

Thanks, Carter, for the tip!