I’m not a wino, I’m a why yes! Never lose a glass of wine again.


If you have ever been at a dinner party and lost your wine glass then you clearly aren't alone.  I have a really bad habit of losing my glass and then drinking from the next one I find.  A little gross, but what are you gonna do?  

I'll tell you what you are gonna do.  You are going to go out and purchase some of these bad boys.  WineLines.  They are little tags that you can share with your guests so there is no more confusion.  The thing that I like about these tags as opposed to the various other methods that I have seen before are a) they do not have little beads and other annoying features b) they are washable c) there are 12 in the pack (as opposed to 4-6) and d) they are cheap.

Get them at Amazon with Prime shipping even for only $7: http://nrd.gr/oV3PML