time flies

As I said in a recent post, it is always nice to know what you were doing in years past. I started looking over the past years to see what I was up to this month over the last 5 years. Seems that I have been up to the usual Stephanie crap each year. Currently in Tallinn and then Notting Hill Carnival this weekend.


2005 – In Maryland and Philly (yes, that is me on the wakeboard)


2004 – Ibiza with King Britt then flying first class to Miami then to NYC with Xispo


2003 – Going up to Costa Brava (Figures) to the Dali museum and feeling a little bit insane and then to London with Albi


2002 – Miami convention then to NYC to chill with Milt, Lara, Dan and Gabe

2001 – Notting Hill Carnival with BC Stu