Get rid of the Facebook live ticker

Do you hate the live ticker on Facebook as much as I do?  I have found zero use in it thusfar apart from a neverending stream of bad music tastes and stories that have zero context.  There is a very easy way to disable it from your life (as I have). To do this, you’ll […]

Tips on how to reduce noise on Facebook

I am annoyed with a lot of Facebook stuff lately.  Obviously there are a lot of big changes and the world is coming to an end.  One thing that I am worried about – as most people – is the privacy of my information.   That is why I am pretty much resigned to deleting […]

Chrome Quick Search Tip

Do you use Google Chrome and find yourself actually going to Youtube and then searching for a video all the time? Or to Flickr to search for something? Here is a great Chrome shortcut for you that will allow you to search from your favorite sites directly in the toolbar. How to create search shortcuts […]

Double click and drag in Lion OSX

This was driving me nutso after I installed Lion. I use the trackpad function where I tap instead of actually clicking on the trackpad. I fixed the issue of tap not actually working easily enough via System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click > Tap to Click. But the thing that was confusing the […]

Tips n Tricks: Git Cheat Sheet as desktop wallpaper

I love Github.  Love love love. What a great contribution they make to the world of collaborative software development. I am an old dork who is used to using CVS, so I still forget a lot of git commands and am always looking them up.  But not anymore.  I downloaded a pretty git cheat sheet […]

Thrifty Tip of the Day: Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Don’t Expire

Do you receive those 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in the mail as frequently as I do? If so, you should keep them instead of throwing them out when they pass their expiry date.  BB & B will honor them even past the expiration date that is printed on it. I was let […]

OSX Lion tip: Fix trackpad scrolling backwards

Damn you, Apple people.  You can’t just go and change the direction that pages scroll on OSX Lion when you are using trackpads.  Oh, wait.  Steve Jobs, I guess you can… I hardly ever use my laptop in laptop mode so it took me until now to notice that when I use my trackpad it […]

The ultimate nerd non-necessity? Your own URL shortener.

Some of you may have noticed in the last week or so that my Twitter links have been somewhat cuter and shorter.  Yep.  They now show up as  Cute, I know. You may be thinking that you are slightly jealous of me and you really want your very own shortener.  Not because you really […]