Get rid of the Facebook live ticker

Do you hate the live ticker on Facebook as much as I do?  I have found zero use in it thusfar apart from a neverending stream of bad music tastes and stories that have zero context.  There is a very easy way to disable it from your life (as I have).

To do this, you’ll need Adblock – an extension for Chrome, Safari or Firebox.

The Easy Method

  1. Go to your Facebook homepage and right-click anywhere on the page. Go to AdBlock in the menu and select Block an ad on this page.  Alternatively, you can mouseover the live ticker and select Block this ad.
  2. You’ll notice that Adblock starts to highlight areas of the page. You’ll have to tweak a bit to get the livefeed to be totally selected (hint: down by the bottom bar of it will select it all). Once you have the bit highlighted that you wan to ignore, simply click on that area.
  3. You’ll get this dialogue box where you can use the slider to make sure you got all the content remove that you want.   You may want to play with this if you want to keep birthday reminders.  When you are good to go, click Looks good.
  4. You’ll get the next step asking you what you think makes this an ad.  This is kind of geeky for some folks.  I unselected the id part and click Block it!
  5. Enjoy Facebook without Live Ticker!  Whoot!

The Dorky Method

An alternative route to removing Live Ticker is to manually add the code to Adblock.

  1. On Mac, go to Window > Extensions. Then select Options from Adblock.
  2. Go to the Customize tab. And choose Edit under Manually edit your filters.
  3. Then paste in the following:

I hope that this helps out some of you who aren’t fans of the live ticker and makes for a more enjoyable Facebook experience!