OSX Lion tip: Fix trackpad scrolling backwards

Damn you, Apple people.  You can’t just go and change the direction that pages scroll on OSX Lion when you are using trackpads.  Oh, wait.  Steve Jobs, I guess you can…

I hardly ever use my laptop in laptop mode so it took me until now to notice that when I use my trackpad it was scrolling in a different direction when I would do the two finger swipe downward.  I was completely confused and considered for a second or two that I have early onset Alzheimers.  The next thing that came to mind is that the lovely folks at Apple are playing their usual tricks on me.  And they were.

Here is how to fix your trackpad scrolling the wrong way when you swipe it.
  • Go to Settings > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom.
  • Scroll direction: natural > Uncheck it
To be fair, it didn’t feel that natural to have it work ass backwards from the way that they had forced me to use it previously.  That way felt natural.  Now I’m a bit sad that I am considered unnatural… Oh well, at least I can scroll again.