Get rid of the Facebook live ticker

Do you hate the live ticker on Facebook as much as I do?  I have found zero use in it thusfar apart from a neverending stream of bad music tastes and stories that have zero context.  There is a very easy way to disable it from your life (as I have). To do this, you’ll […]

Tips on how to reduce noise on Facebook

I am annoyed with a lot of Facebook stuff lately.  Obviously there are a lot of big changes and the world is coming to an end.  One thing that I am worried about – as most people – is the privacy of my information.   That is why I am pretty much resigned to deleting […]

Dissecting the latest Facebook changes

I’m trying to come to terms with all of the recent Facebook changes.  As with every major Facebook release, users are confused and angry.  This typically happens with any product release and people eventually get over it.  Let’s face it, users hate change.  There is really a fine balance in product building between adding all […]