Well that is quite a cute little elf if I ever did see one….

Well that is quite a cute little elf if I ever did see one. Hector rocking the fascinator. (at Milf Valley) Spent Christmas Eve with the Estonian / Danish friends in Mill Valley.  They think we Americans are silly because we celebrate on the wrong day.  I think that means that I am lucky because […]

Fixing Grandma Ginger’s Watch

There is a great legend in the Robesky family about Grandma Ginger.  Well, there are a few, but this one always made me laugh and kind of exemplifies good old Ginger. For Christmas one year Robley (my grandfather) asked Ginger what she wanted for Christmas.  Ginger made a list.  The list went something like: Exercise bike […]

reddit gifts: where’s my secret santa?

This year I signed up for reddit secret santa.   I love the idea of writing up a profile and getting matched to some  stranger who I have to read their profile and then send them a gift.   Such a fun idea!  To get an idea of what it is watch the video. Me […]

Have a very merry fake Christmas

Yep.  I’ll admit it.  I have a fake Christmas tree.  I love it!  I got it at Target for about $60 last year on sale.  It has the lights basically built into it so there is no fuss to getting it up.  The rest of the year I keep it in storage downstairs.  My mom […]

Christmas with The Robeskys

Another Christmas at the Robesky household in Fresno.  This year we celebrated with a change to our typical prime rib meal by serving bison for the meat.  It was actually pretty darned delicious.  Much leaner than the fatty prime rib and cooked to perfection.  Bob did complain that the seasoning was too strong, but I […]