Fixing Grandma Ginger’s Watch

There is a great legend in the Robesky family about Grandma Ginger.  Well, there are a few, but this one always made me laugh and kind of exemplifies good old Ginger.

For Christmas one year Robley (my grandfather) asked Ginger what she wanted for Christmas.  Ginger made a list.  The list went something like:

  • Exercise bike
  • Something else
  • Diamond watch
  • Etc…

Christmas day comes around and everyone is opening their gifts.  Ginger opens hers and it is a lovely diamond watch.  Ginger looks at Robley – and to everyone’s shock/horror – says, “I didn’t want this.  I wanted an exercise bike!”.

Turns out that he bought her the most expensive thing on the list, but she wanted the list in the order that she had put it.  She didn’t hesitate to let him (and everyone else) know that she was unhappy.

Years later and Grandma Ginger is no longer with us, but I did get the diamond watch which I have recently had fixed so that it would fit my wrist.  Ginger had tiny wrists, seriously minuscule, so I could never wear the watch that reminds everyone of what a lovely person my Grandmother could be.

Until now.  I promise to wear it faithfully and remember the life lessons in bitchiness that my Grandma Ginger taught me.