reddit gifts: where’s my secret santa?

This year I signed up for reddit secret santa.   I love the idea of writing up a profile and getting matched to some  stranger who I have to read their profile and then send them a gift.   Such a fun idea!  To get an idea of what it is watch the video.

Me Being Secret Santa


My guy (because it is reddit and there was a 95% likelihood that I would get a guy) of course turned out to be a giant nerd.  But a giant Republican nerd.  Weird.  Nevertheless he had a lot on his profile about loving Japanese things which I can totally respect.  I had no idea what Warhammar 40000 was (because that took it to a whole new level of nerd that even this nerdgirl wasn’t privy to)  so I kind of had to skip purchasing anything related.  I went with what I know.  A copy of Robogeisha on Blu-ray.  I figured you can’t go wrong with Robogeisha.


The gift was received the other day and I’m happy to report that I think I did a decent job.


Next year I hope to get a little more creative, but for now I’m happy that I participated.

I’m patiently awaiting my secret santa gift to arrive and will update this post when/if that happens.  I hope that I don’t get missed!