My favorite app of the week: Caffeine

Do you ever get annoyed because your Mac screen turns off regardless of your screensaver or timeout/security preferences?  Well, I do.  There are  a few times when I want to keep the screen on because when it blanks out and password locks it causes my proxy or other apps to somehow jam or disconnect. I […]

The Magic of Apps

Before I used the magic app – fat, tired and porous After using the magic app – skinnier, happier and with more makeup! No wonder no one trusts dating profile pictures! I didn’t realize how tired I looked until I looked at the after picture. Boo hoo.

swackett makes weather fun

Are you sick of those same old boring weather reports?  The one where it shows you a cloud or a sun, but doesn’t really do anything for you?  Then you might enjoy Swackett.  It is a cute app – Mac Desktop or iPad or iPhone that actually gives you some useful weather information.  Like what […]

Android App of the Week: Muni Alerts Pro

Hello, San Franciscans!  If you live in the city and take Muni, then this is the app for you.  Muni Alerts Pro by Ross McFarland.   I use this thing pretty much on a daily basis to figure out when I have to tromp my butt up to the J-Church and also on my way […]

Please, God. I hope this is a joke. CLOO – toilet sharing app

Please, God. I hope this is a joke. CLOO - toilet sharing app

If this isn’t a joke, then it is definitely a sign of a BUBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEEEE (in case you weren’t already convinced). Honestly, I really don’t want random people showing up at my doorstep to take a dump.  But, hey, maybe that is just me. Here’s a riddle: How many public bathrooms are there in your city? […]

Automate Android with Tasker. Lifechanging.

Tasker for Android is a complete lifechanger for me. The geek in me doesn’t say that lightly. Tasker is an Android app that allows you to pretty much automate anything on your phone.  It is so powerful that even I don’t know exactly what to do with it! See the full gallery on Posterous Some […]

Android App of the Week: SuperShuttle

I am a cheapskate.  I admit it.  Not when it comes to gadgets, but when it comes to other things that I deem not worthy like hitching a ride to the airport.  It seems like a ripoff to spend $55 to get to the airport when it only takes 20 minutes tops in SF, so […]

Starbucks for Android

via I am a coffee fiend. I admit it. I drink a lot of Starbucks. People in SF think I am the anti-Christ because I drink the ‘bucks’. I don’t care what they think. And now instead of paying with my little card, I can pay with my Android phone. Finally. And you can […]

Android App of the Week: PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

via I love this app. I have it set my wallpaper from my favorite images and it auto refreshes on whatever frequency I choose. There is an upgraded version that does trickier image settings and for only $0.99 why not? You can also have it pull from Facebook photos – your own and your […]