My New Dashcam – Viofo A119S with GPS

I am a paranoid gadget geek so it makes sense that I would purchase a dashcam. I am also somewhat obsessed with watching Russian dashcam videos on Youtube (trust me, you will enjoy them). I did a lot of research on purchasing my first dashcam and with the help of reddit’s /r/dashcam and several decent […]

Remembering PeoplePC

Good old Marc John Jeffries of PeoplePC. Yep. That was a good 16 years ago.

Harmony Ultimate Home Remote Review

I recently threw in the towel and decided to upgrade my old Harmony 700 remote for the latest and greatest Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home remote.  I had been debating it for a month or so because at $350 it seemed rather pricey. I was drawn to switching it up for a few reasons.  1) My Harmony […]

Operation Media Center – Update 2014

It has been four years since I first installed the media center and I have gone through a few iterations since its inception so I thought I’d write an update on what has evolved. The latest additions in 2014 are as follows: Sonos system – Play1’s in the bedroom, dining room, bathroom & 2 Play3’s in […]

The Little Lamp That Could

I’ve long been looking for a lamp to use at my desk for doing my makeup.   My vintage lamp didn’t quite cut the mustard and even though I do my makeup mostly in the morning before work the actual daylight isn’t quite strong enough to keep me from looking like a clown.  I had […]

AdoreMe is a total scam

I recently subscribed – stupidly – to AdoreMe.  AdoreMe is a subscription scam / cheap lingerie company.  The premise is that they lock you into a monthly charge of $40 and after 5 months you are supposed to get a credit for a free set of lingerie from their catalogue.  When I say “supposed to” […]

Want a stand up desk without buying a new desk?

Yes this post is coming on the heels of me talking about my awesome new desk at home…this one is referring to my desk at work. Everyone has heard how bad it is to sit on your ass all day at work.    Not only do you get fat, but a number of other things […]

My Super Awesome Desk

Time to share my new desk with the world.  I’ve had it for a few months, but haven’t gotten around to share so now is the time for the unveiling. I came across this guy Jeremiah who makes custom mid-century modernesque furniture in San Francisco and really fell in love with a desk that he […]

sriracha – the movie

“Sriracha” documentary trailer from Griffin Hammond on Vimeo. Who doesn’t love sriracha?  If you don’t then there is something really wrong with you and I should reconsider your friendship (if I even know you).  I backed this documentary on Kickstarter and even have a credit in the post roll.  Well me and like 5,000 other […]

Breathometer – saving myself from a holiday dui?

The Breathometer showed up the other day from an indigogo campaign (and I guess they were also on Sharktank with Mark Cuban, but I never watch that show so I didn’t see it).  I have a bad indigogo/Kickstarter habit so I didn’t even remember backing this one.  Or maybe ironically I was drunk when I ordered […]