My Super Awesome Desk

Time to share my new desk with the world.  I’ve had it for a few months, but haven’t gotten around to share so now is the time for the unveiling.


I came across this guy Jeremiah who makes custom mid-century modernesque furniture in San Francisco and really fell in love with a desk that he had on Etsy that had cable storage in the back.  Slick.    I have had a basic glasstop on trundles style desk for the past 10 years  and decided it was time for an upgrade so I started the process of figuring out what I wanted.

There were a few problems with the glass desk.  One being that it drove me crazy that I could see every fingerprint and catprints on the desktop.  I was constantly cleaning it to no avail.  The second thing I hated was the fact that I had no storage or drawers to hide my crap.

In thinking of what I wanted for my next desk I also decided it would be great if I could have a multi-purpose space where I could use the desk as a vanity to do my makeup instead of in my dim bathroom.  Great.

I went to Jeremiah with the request to have the desk design like on Etsy, but could he somehow make it into a vanity for me.  We brainstormed a few possibilities and came up with a design that would have one of the drawers converted into a fold-down mirror.  And also decided to add on orange fronts to the drawers for some flair.

After a few months of waiting, the desk was delivered and I am more than thrilled with it.  The mirror / vanity turned out to be amazing and also have enough room to put all of my makeup in the drawer.

The only things I would change on the desk would be to somehow incorporate lighting and also I would’ve made it slightly taller.  I ended up buying clear plastic raisers from Amazon that worked find to add some height.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

IMG_20140402_075228 IMG_20140402_075301

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