AdoreMe is a total scam

I recently subscribed – stupidly – to AdoreMe.  AdoreMe is a subscription scam / cheap lingerie company.  The premise is that they lock you into a monthly charge of $40 and after 5 months you are supposed to get a credit for a free set of lingerie from their catalogue.  When I say “supposed to” that means that they have some weird reward point system that they do not explain on their site for points that you can never use as far as I can tell.

I kept getting these charges on my card, but I was unable to check out on their site because they have some Facebook login bug that puts me in a loop and makes me unable to use their shopping cart.  So obviously I wanted to cancel.

I tried a few times to cancel my subscription, but they do the usual porn scam where they won’t allow you to cancel unless you call them.  Yep, no automatic site cancel or even cancellation by email.  You have to call and then they place you on hold listening to some bad Katy Perry song for about 20 minutes or more until you get frustrated and hang up.  Then you incur another monthly charge.

I finally got through to them this morning, after wanting to stab myself in the eye from that music loop, and I cancelled my account, but I was warned that I lose all of my “loyalty reward points” if I cancel.  This means that I wasted all that money for nothing because I didn’t even get the free set that I was promised AND earned because I wasn’t able to use their site for the last months.  I was also informed that I can’t get my credits back.  Ugh.  What a total scam.  I recommend you do not use this service.  Their site sucks, the quality of their goods is sub-par and their customer service is clearly awful.

And one more thing.  They are the most annoying email spammers of all time.  You have to endure nearly twice a day emails from them.  Ick.

Rating: F

Side note:  I did a password reset to see if that might solve my FB login problem.  It did which basically negates the entire point of having a Facebook login.  Also, they send their password resets with the password in plain text.  Awesomely insecure, but I would expect that from this sham of a company.