Where is Nerdgirl?

I have been super bad at updating the site lately.

There are a few reasons for this. One of them is I tend not to write when things are going well because I am feeling so good that I don’t want to tie myself down on this blog and would prefer to enjoy the moment. And then the other reason would be that I’m feeling terrible (physically) and I fear that my whinging would be too depressing for anyone.

I grapple with how much I want to share about the ‘terrible’ stuff because I’m not entirely sure how appropriate it is (as in TMI). I’ve worked on a few posts and then I don’t end up posting them because perhaps some of that therapy is better left in my mind or amongst conversations with my friends/family.

Anyways. I hope to get back on track with feeling better and then with updating the blog about all the things I’ve been working on, thinking about, playing with, reading.. the usual.

Until then.