Why I cancelled my Hulu Plus subscription

I am a bit of a TV junkie. I admit it. And I am on a quest to somehow get rid of Comcast cable completely, so I decided that I would try out Hulu Plus. I love 30 Rock so it seemed like it might be worth it to be able to watch the entire archive of that show, plus catch up on things I never finished like Lost. And I wanted to be able to view on my iPad. So I chucked in the $7.99 a month to give it a go…

And today I cancelled it.

I cancelled it because I am completely annoyed with the fact that I am paying for a subscription and I am still forced to watch ads the entire way through a show, including freely available content from Youtube like the Yoga channel. It is irritating as hell. I much prefer Netflix or for that matter I might occassionaly find another way to watch a show (cough *bit torrent*). Don’t get me wrong, I am all for paying for my content. But if I am paying for my content then I want premium content and no ads.

Hasta la vista, Hulu Plus. I’m done with you. Good luck on the next sucker who wants to pay for ads.