Why I cancelled my Hulu Plus subscription

I am a bit of a TV junkie. I admit it. And I am on a quest to somehow get rid of Comcast cable completely, so I decided that I would try out Hulu Plus. I love 30 Rock so it seemed like it might be worth it to be able to watch the entire […]

Small Magazine – fashion for the little ones

I love Small Magazine. It is an online magazine that was created by two best friends that manages to be merge art and fashion for kids beautifully. It is published every month and I always look forward to seeing what great fashion spreads they have and what interesting tidbits and tips will be shared. This […]

Spooky Mummy Lights

If you know most moms, then you know that the hardcore are already planning Halloween. This is not a holiday for the weak. Only the strong will survive… I thought this was a cute one to add to your Halloween arsenal. Mummy lights! You can either use them as super treat jars for giveaways or […]