Zara launches e-commerce in the US. Finally.

I’m not sure why it takes big retailers forever to wake up and smell the e-commerce, but it does.  It makes me really happy that Zara has finally launched e-commerce in the US.  They are way ahead of H & M who don’t even plan on launching their e-commerce until 2012. My only other issue […]

Wait, what? Google acquires Zagat?!?

Holy interesting.  Google has announced they have acquired Zagat – the foodie guide.  Can’t wait to see how they integrate Zagat ratings into mobile apps!  Wonder if this means the death of Zagat’s book arm. Read more about the annoucement on Google’s official blog:

Perry Enjoys a Corndog

Campaigning outside Pittsburgh today, GOP frontrunner Rick Perry attended a picnic at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Oil City where he enjoyed a foot long corndog.

Millimalikas – Vintage Skype drink video

Millimalikas - Vintage Skype drink video

via Oh the good old days at Skype in Tallinn where we used to go out and drink heavily and wander the cold streets. One of the favorite things to do was to go to Bar Vali and drink millimallikas. It was your Skype initiation. I made this video for a company all hands […]

Eight Great San Francisco Coffee Shops

via Enjoy some great coffee while you are in SF. I, personally, like Starbucks which mostly makes everyone in SF laugh at me or hate me. I don’t care. I like vanilla flavoring. I’m ghetto like that.

RHBH: Should the show go on?

We had a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premier party on Monday to celebrate the latest season (and possibly only city worth watching). The ladies were back in their full ridiculous glory complete with recently overplumped lips galore. The show started out with Bravo doing its best to milk Russell’s death. All the ladies gathered […]

Amazon vs. California: The Fight by the Numbers

via $200,000,000: Dollars per year California stands to take in under a law requiring online retailers to collect state sales tax.  $5,250,000: Dollars Amazon has already donated to an effort to repeal the law.  $13,000,000,000: Dollars cut in June from the state’s two university systems because of budget shortfalls.  2,257,000: Californians unemployed (PDF) in […]