Amazon vs. California: The Fight by the Numbers

  • $200,000,000: Dollars per year California stands to take in under a law requiring online retailers to collect state sales tax. 
  • $5,250,000: Dollars Amazon has already donated to an effort to repeal the law. 
  • $13,000,000,000: Dollars cut in June from the state’s two university systems because of budget shortfalls. 
  • 2,257,000: Californians unemployed (PDF) in July, a rate of 12 percent. 
  • 7,000: Jobs Amazon offered to create in the state if California delays enacting the law until 2014. 
  • $95,000,000,000: Amazon’s market capitalization. 
  • 30: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s ranking among richest people in the world, according to Forbes. 
  • 0: Chance that a federal law to collect online sales tax (a bill Amazon supports) has of passing. 
  • $159,865,956: State sales taxes paid in 2010 to California by Staples, the number-two online retailer in the country. Staples cannot dodge the tax in the way Amazon has because it has actual brick-and-mortar stores.