Are you a total germaphobe? Ever heard of a poopbrush? Prepare to be grossed out (and redeemed).


I admit that I am a bit of a germaphobe of the Purell in the handbag carrying type.  Plus I travel on public transportation a lot which is an entirely different story of grossness.  

One thing that I really hate is staying in hotels and dealing with my toothbrush. At home I keep my toothbrush head in a UV sanitizer away from the toilet, but when I travel what to do? I typically put the toothbrush into a cup on the counter.  But this still doesn't make me feel all that much better because of the "poop particle" factor from flushing the toilet.  I discovered this violight travel toothbrush sanitizer on today.  OMG.  Totally perfect for taking care of that toothbrush travelling issue.  First of all it is a nice travel case designed by Philippe Stark and secondly because it sanitizes your toothbrush with UV light.

Yeah! No more poopbrush!