Inkling by Wacom. A Livescribe killer?

Inkling by Wacom. A Livescribe killer?

via I love a good Wacom tablet so this digital sketch pen looks pretty darned nifty. If I could only sketch anything other than simple happy faces… I wonder how this new Inkling pen will compare to a Livescribe pen. I’ve long thought about getting a Livescribe, but I don’t actually write that much […]

The Wisdom Of The Wire

via The Wire still ranks as probably the best television show ever made. Love these inspirational posters made from quotes of the show.

Shoes as Growth Chart

via This is a super cute idea. Framing your children’s old shoes. Awwwww.

Rachel Zoe – Season 4 – Bananas!

Love love love Rachel Zoe. So amazing. I’m not sure how much we will miss Brad because we also loved loved loved him. But I guess we’ll make do with Roger and see how it goes. Premieres on Bravo – Sept. 6 @ 10/9C

This makes me want to invest in Groupon

This makes me want to invest in Groupon

via CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason, gives us a little yoga lesson backlit by a Christmas tree in his underwear. I don’t know what could be better than this. It seriously makes me reconsider all of the negative things that I have been thinking about Groupon. It is BEAUTIFUL.

I’m not a wino, I’m a why yes! Never lose a glass of wine again.

If you have ever been at a dinner party and lost your wine glass then you clearly aren't alone.  I have a really bad habit of losing my glass and then drinking from the next one I find.  A little gross, but what are you gonna do?   I'll tell you what you are gonna […]

Asians are marrying later, and less, than in the past

via An interesting piece in The Economist on the decline of marriage in Asia. It appears that the ladies are sick of playing second fiddle to those Asian men and are getting educated and staying single. Can you blame them? Some points from the article: In the richest parts—Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong […]