Arrested Development Legos

via If you love Arrested Development (or AD as we like to call it) as much as I do then you should really love this Lego remake of the set and characters. View the entire Flickr collection by Pepa Quin here: How Are You?

iPad vs Android Tablet

Everyone who follows the Nerdgirl for sometime has realized that I am a complete whore for my Android phone.  I love installing custom ROMs on it and I wouldn't change back to an iPhone without a fight.   There is a pretty simple explanation for this resistance…I HATE THE IPHONE KEYBOARD.  Hate.  I can't type […]

Fav site of the week: Pinterest

This one goes out to all you ladies!  I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Pinterest ( yet because it seems that even my most unsavvy crowd of Internet friends happens to be dying for an invite. So what is Pinterest? Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find […]