Google Cloud Print – who knew?!?

I was just playing around in my Google Chrome preferences when I came across a weird setting called Google Cloud Print. That seemed a bit odd, so I clicked on it.  Turns out that there is a Google service called Google Cloud Print that allows you to print to your printers from any device.  Who […]

Why I subscribe to the Sunday NY Times home delivery

As much of a digital person as I tend to be, I still subscribe to the Sunday NY Times home delivery service.  First of all, the Sunday Times evokes this romantic fantasy of mine about lounging around on a Sunday mid-morning drinking a cup of coffee and talking to my beloved about the arts section.  The reality […]

Get Amazon Prime for free (sort of) hack

Did you know that you can share your Amazon Prime membership with up to 4 other accounts?  Yep.  That means that only 1 person has to pay and then the rest can benefit from it.  Or better yet, divide the $79 up amongst yourselves. This isn’t exactly a hack, rather I would like to think […]