Get Amazon Prime for free (sort of) hack

Did you know that you can share your Amazon Prime membership with up to 4 other accounts?  Yep.  That means that only 1 person has to pay and then the rest can benefit from it.  Or better yet, divide the $79 up amongst yourselves.

This isn’t exactly a hack, rather I would like to think of it as drawing attention to a feature that is relatively unknown and unused with Amazon Prime.  This could save your family/friends (or you) up to $280 per year and get you all unlimited, free 2 day shipping from Amazon.  Whoop whoop!  Go ahead and thank me now.

According to Amazon Prime FAQ:

Prime members under a free trial or paid subscription can share their benefits with up to 4 additional family members living in the same household, or up to 4 coworkers to shop for the related account.

How to do this:

To invite family members to share your Amazon Prime membership, sign in to Your Account and click on the link to “Manage Prime Membership.” You’ll see your current membership details, the status of all members linked to your Amazon Prime membership, and options to add or remove members.

A few quick notes:
  • You will need the birthdate, email address and to set the relationship for the additional accounts.
  • Even if you aren’t living in the same household this still works.  It appears that they extended this to “co-workers” now – before it used to be “members of the same household” but it still worked for people who lived at different locations.
  • Only the main account holder for Prime gets to use the Prime Unlimited Videos.
  • If you are in another country Amazon account, this doesn’t apply.  You need to purchase a Prime membership there as well.  Example: I lived in the UK and my Dad lives here, his Prime account didn’t work for me in the UK.
  • You don’t see what other people are purchasing and the main account doesn’t see what you are purchasing, so no need to worry about privacy.