of all the stupid useless…

I buy a lot of stupid, useless shit. There is no question about it. Every day at work I get a message that I have a package of yet more stupid and useless shit. I can’t help myself. I am addicted to eBay. Which might not be the worst thing for eBay stock, but is […]

product of the week

I figure that I should occasionally give props to some things (since I mostly complain about everything). So this week I’ve decided to write about my favourite hair product. Frederic Fekkai shea butter hair mask. This stuff rocks. It is a leave-in hair conditioner mask that you use once a week. I am pretty liberal […]

quicky recap

I know that I haven’t been the blog master so much this year. Things have been hectic and when things are hectic I can’t really think of what to write because my brain is going off in 12,000 directions at once. Here is a quicky recap of the last month. Went to Rome for a […]