quicky recap

I know that I haven’t been the blog master so much this year. Things have been hectic and when things are hectic I can’t really think of what to write because my brain is going off in 12,000 directions at once.

Here is a quicky recap of the last month.

Went to Rome for a nice four day holiday to visit our old friend Ornella. She was opening a shop called Misty Beethovan in the heart of Rome. And not just any old shop. A boudoir, sexytime shop – described as an erotic drugstore. She has spent the good part of the last year working on her vision and the results are nothing less than extraordinary. The place is stunning really. And her stock is amazing. Leave it up to good old Mama O to get the best of the best goods in her place.


Arrived in Rome to the opening of the party – in true Stephanie style, 3 hours and no hors d’oeuvres left. Great party though. Best part was that Gbemi was there. If anyone remembers, she was one of the girls that stayed with Ornella and I in Miami 3 years ago. Fantastic to have someone to speak English with.

Ended up roaming around Rome (funny that) for the next several days with Gbemi. Literally haven’t walked that much in ages. We saw many great things which I hardly remember the names of at this point, but as always Rome was utterly beautiful and inviting. Defo one of my favourite places in Europe.

Finally ended the trip with a party at the SAS hotel in Rome. Sunday evening event in their rooftop bar. All the creme de la creme of Rome were in attendence and Ornella and friends were hosting the themed party – 7 deadly sins – with lust taking center stage. This was the evening that I was dressed as a geisha and turned loose to be molested by horny Italian men.

Gbemi and I ended up leaving a tad early but met some handsome young men in the lobby who invited us to a fish dinner. Since we were both hungry – for fish dinner and for some straight men (all of Ornella’s friends are fags) – we decided to take them up on this adventure. Ended up in the company of some friendly Italians for dinner, who I might mention I had earlier told to fuck off in the lift, way to go karma. A few hours and several bottles of wine later we headed back to Ornella’s house so I could get packed and get my flight. Ouch – 7 am flights are no fun on zero sleep.

Flash forward four days to Friday. Once again on a flight. This time to Barcelona for Giles’ 41st birthday party and Formula 1. Met up with Giles at our old stomping ground, Paco Meralgo, and slammed some drinks and tapas down. Then headed out with Alex(ia) to CDLC to mooch some free cocktails off Bonita while she finished up her shift. The boys left and Bonita and I headed out on the town. Went to some maritime club and drank more free beverages whilst being acosted by men and boys of all ages. Que horor! Finally ended up hitchhiking with a car consisting of trannies. Seriously, we jumped in a car of trannies. Typical night in Barcelona. Ended the evening around 6 am with Bon putting on some Austrailian tv show dvd and passing out. The best part was when her phone rang and she answered my high heel. Hmmm…


Next day went to Cinc Sentits with Fiona and Tim. Ate a fantastic and filling meal consisting of a lot of vino. Got slightly (ok really) drunk. Ended up going to get martini rosso in the sunshine with the Cinc crew including Ma and talking about my health issues. Then nap time for me while Fee and Tim went shopping for Giles pressie at Gucci.

In the evening got dressed in my finest new threads from Roma and headed to Giles’ rooftop (attico) terrace for the partay. Everyone was there. Like a super Private reunion. It was so nice to see the crew…Xavi, Roger, Elvira, Iva – ala! Happy times. Everyone always brings Giles tons of vodka on his birthday – must be the whole Vodka Doll thing. I was pretty tame and snuck out at 1 am cause I wasn’t feeling so hot, but Fiona managed to roll into the flat around 6 am so I spose they all had a great time.

And now this week I’ve been ill again all week. Ewww. Does it ever end? Was supposed to go to Amsterdam this weekend for the European Gay Porn awards (EGPA) with Giles and Alex, but I couldn’t make it after all.

That is about all the adventure that my little body has in it. Hasta luego till next trip.