of all the stupid useless…

I buy a lot of stupid, useless shit. There is no question about it. Every day at work I get a message that I have a package of yet more stupid and useless shit. I can’t help myself. I am addicted to eBay. Which might not be the worst thing for eBay stock, but is sort of a bad thing for my wallet (or Paypal wallet as it is).

Today my stupid and useless purchases have consisted of the following things.

A camera case for my new camera – which I need to write up a review of.

Blackout curtains for my bedroom.


Yes, blackout curtains. But I am certain that they won’t be stupid and useless like the wall mount for my monitor that has never mounted any wall. They won’t be stupid and useless if I ever actually get them onto the window. This part might prove to be trickier than I imagine and they might end up with the hoardes of other crap projects that I will never finish.

But gloriously dark future if and when I get these bad boys installed. I think I shall never leave my dungeon of a room. I will be so delighted to wither away in the dark while the rest of the world goes on in their sunny afternoons. Ahh, the hangover days have never looked so glorious.

Plus I might get some sleep during the summer which is my ultimate goal. I have said it before, but to refresh your memories, I am extremely light sleeper. I already sleep with an eye mask on which usually falls off during the night + I sleep with the sound conditioner to block out the street noise (this by the way, works beautifully). Don’t know what happens, but as soon as I see a peep of light I am awake. And then I am a miserable grumpy old cow – even more so than usual.

So please wish me luck in getting these curtains up asap. And if you are in the neighbourhood and want to give me a hand in hanging them, let me know. These are the few times that having a boyfriend might actually be handy…damn it!