i’m so excited and i just can’t hide it

Who ever knew that the biggest wedding crasher of all time would be so excited for upcomig nuptials? But that is the actual truth. Fiona and Tim have actually managed to make me look forward to their wedding in a way that only Ana and Glen could produce.

Let’s be serious. I am not the best wedding guest or party member that ever existed. First off I usually complain the entire time about the ugly dress that you are about to make me wear (and the price tag associated). Then there is the whole dealing with bridezilla and her crazy requests. Don’t even begin to mention hen night to me because that is about the point where my blood starts boiling. And top it all off with the fact that I can somehow manage to cause more drama pre-wedding / during wedding than all the wedding guests put together and we’ll just leave it at that. I am officially bad at weddings.

So it comes as no shock that I look forward to weddings about as much as I look forward to 4th of July.

But this one is different. Fiona and Tim, after years of being together, have finally decided to tie the knot. This is, of course, after years of me listening to Fiona drone on about how she didn’t care if they ever tied the knot and how Tim might quite possibly screw up any proposal or purchase of a ring. Neither of which he did, by the way, under the carefully crafted guidance of Fiona’s persuasion.


I am looking forward to this wedding for a number of reasons.

Fiona and Tim – probably one of the cutest (in their own way) couples that I have ever met who have a sincere and true love for one another – ahhh bless. Tim is the most sarcastic asshole in the world with a heart that is true gold and Fiona is just Fiona and we love her for that.

Fiona’s family – the great Irish clan that they are will undoubtedly make this an event to remember

A week in sunny Spain – seriously the event is planned for almost an entire week. Fab!

Giles – who else in the world would I want to attend a wedding with more than my best faggy ass friend? I can’t even begin to imagine the copious amounts of wine and v&ts that we will consume during the week.

Our itinerary for the week?

Staying in Salamo Hills resort which will be completely filled with wedding guests.

9 pm: Dinner ala Catalan

10 am – noon: breakfast
afternoon: golf
6 pm: meet n greet cocktail and tapas

12 noon: brunch
5 pm: wedding at Castell Tamarit

10 am – noon: breakfast
afternoon: activities
5 pm: bbq with live music / karaoke

1 pm: brunch


the castle

Stay tuned for the pictures and report!