my best friend

find out all about my best friend and worst enemy here. a sphynx cat with an attitude, roley robesky in full effect.

you may have been wondering for some time what the hell is wrong with my cat. he is weird lookin, right? i figured i owe some kind of explanation for his scary looks.

our first meeting

roley is a rare breed of cat called sphynx. you might have seen a sphynx when you watched austin powers. you might have thought to yourself that it was really mean that people would shave a cat. you might have thought to yourself that was the ugliest cat/rat/bat that you had ever seen. well, that is my little monkey cat, roley. a 100% pure breed sphynx. i have no idea how many there are in spain, but i imagine that it is less than a few hundred.

my little roley (british name: roland, spanish name: rolando) – full name is actually roland al nakeed – is the most special little beast on the planet. i have a love/hate relationship with him. he is annoying and likes to yell at me, he poops somethin awful, and he eats like a 400 lb. man. but he cuddles with me when i feel like crying, he purrs every time he sees me, and he likes to sit on my lap when i am working at the computer. plus he fetches like a dog which is pretty cool. oh, did i also mention that he likes to eat his toenails which i find a bit bizarre.

roley eats french fries

roley is a weird little creature. he likes to take bubble baths and sometimes just jumps in when i am in the bathtub. he also loves to eat bugs. he is extrememly adept at catching them in his front paws while standing on his back paws. then he eats them. roley eats more a day than i do and is still starving all the time and yelling at me for more food. his favorite pastime is to watch his street out of the window and make sure that everything is ok.

roley at bath time

roley is also the hottest creature on the face of the earth. his seering skin makes it almost unbearable to sleep in my bed sometimes and he forces me onto the floor. in the summer, he sits in the window and burns his little naked head because he loves the sun and the heat so much that it has to hurt him.

that is the roland rat story. my little evil sphynx companion that will help me take over the world someday.