The Emperor Has No Balls

Reason #1,000,000 why I love my neighborhood. Naked Donald Trump sans balls monuments. An unflattering statue appeared in the Castro this morning of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Source: Donald Trump Statue, ‘The Emperor Has No Balls,’ Appears In The Castro [NSFW] – SFGate Related articles Naked Donald Trump statues appear in five major cities So […]

Because I’m happy

Pharrell Williams – Happy If you were Pharrell’s hat, you’d be happy as well. Related articles Now That Pharrell Is Selling His Hat, What Should He Wear To The Oscars? See Our Suggestions HERE! Pharrell Williams’ Grammy’s hat auctioned to Arby’s for $44100 – New York Daily News

Into My Arms

Into My Arms

Because, hey, why not.  I would say to play this at my funeral, but that upsets Bob so maybe I’ll just play it at his…

Woody Guthrie’s New Year Rulin’s

33. Wake Up And Fight 32. Make Up Your Mind 31. Love Everybody 30. Love pete 29. Love Papa 28. Love Mama 27. Help Win War — Beat Fascism 26. Dance Better 25. Play And Sing Good 24. Send Mary And Kids Money 23. Have Company But Don’t Waste Time 22. Save Dough 21. Bank […]

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

There are a few songs that remind me of my early high school days, but none of them more than Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  This is a tribute done by Heart at the Kennedy Center.  Talk about chills.  Amazing performance.

And my life will never be the same again – Willam’s Beatdown

I can’t stop watching these.  I am in love.  It is the best youtubes I have ever seen.  I die.  I have laughed so hard that I cried and almost pee’d myself.  ZOMG.  Can Willam host my birthday party? Related articles THIS SUCKS: Willam’s Beatdown got cancelled!

Bad parking police

I admit it. I’m a bit of an asshole at times. Today was no exception. Someone who was in their way to yoga tree and parked in the way of my driveway. I left them a special note.

50 Year Old Pictures Get Turned Into GIFs

I’m loving these. Cari Vander Yacht works as a designer by day, but at night, she gets busy with experimental projects that would rightly make her an artist. She put together this amusing, surreal GIF photo-series which she aptly called, “TGIMGIF” (Thank God It’s Monday’s Graphics Interchange Format). See more here: