Ahhh, how I love iTunes and iPods and all those happy mediums where I can download things from the comfort of my bedroom. And it just keeps getting better and better. Thank God for bandwidth and wireless connections. I love technology. I love that I can now download all the episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives from the iTunes store. Yes, I realise that I could probably search around using bit torrent software and get the same thing – at no cost…but I guess I am a bit lazy when it comes to these things and prefer to have the naming convention on my files usable and organised (yes, I hate downloading mp3s with names like frank seanatra).

If you haven’t yet checked it out – go to the iTunes store and buy some episodes. This is particularly handy if you are living outside of the US and wouldn’t get your little hands on these episodes until later in the year. Granted, it helps when you have your dads US credit card….

Oh and be sure to watch Lost. I am obsessed. Which reminds me that I need to get in touch with GC about Michelle’s site that I happen to own the domain for.

Will be in Estonia for a week – probably freezing my little Raynaud’s hands off so hopefully the cast and crew of Lost will keep me company. More photos coming as soon as I get this bluetooth installed.

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Damn it to hell. I am feeling the strain from connectivity issues and not getting connecting to my phone and the rest of the world. Bluetooth could help this possibly. Wired connection would work but is quite primitive. So here I am not able to share. Who can help me?

On another note. Met Jackie C today. And I’m not talking about Giles. More to come soon.

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If you are sick of all the (over)hype of the Cannes Film Festival and want to try out a new film festival – then look no further than the 10th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) in the sunny port of South Korea.

At this festival you can catch selections of Asia’s best films – aprx. 307 films from 73 nations. You can even hope to catch a glimpse at the superstars of Asia. Forget the red carpets of Cannes next year and just head out to South Korea.


Jackie Chan and Korean actress Kim Hee-seon greet fans on Friday at the 10th Pusan International Film Festival, which started the day before at the port city.

Pusan International Film Festival – the official site

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CRUISE (v.): To walk or drive in an automobile in search of a sex partner; if hustler, for a customer, if homosexual, for a companion. The term is also applied to the heterosexual male who is “out” just for casual sex. – According to the gay dictionary.

Now my favourite fags can all take a cruise aboard the good ship lollypop with an all male gay focused cruise. Sounds fab sweetie. Time to reinact those Navy Seal fantasies! (Don’t forget to invite me along!)


Two companies that specialise in all male cruises are:
Atlantis Events (www.atlantisevents.com)
RSVP Vacations (www.rsvpvacations.com)

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Just a quicky update. Have arrived safely in London as of last week. Things are going well. Spent the weekend hanging out with Arlie and Darby. Nice to have the wireless and the laptops to hang out and watch the Sky. Ahhhhh.

Weather is nice and hands seem to be coping quite well. Lurvely!

Need to find my Nokia connection cable so I can sync some photos and get up to speed again.


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Hi everyone!

This mail is just a little note to tell you that my
time here in Spain is coming to a rapid close. After
spending nearly 4 years here, I feel that it is time
for me to go back to a life of poor weather, expensive
housing and insane working hours (with no holiday).
We all knew that paradise couldn’t last forever…

Alas, I will be departing this fair country next
Wednesday in search of greener pastures in the country
where they refer to us Americans as Septic Tanks
(Yanks). And with that as a welcome, who could resist
its old world charms?!?

If you are still wondering where the hell I am going,
I will clue you in… LONDON!

Perhaps my world is now working in reverse – coming
from Newport Beach > San Francisco > London >
Barcelona < London and then maybe San Francisco again. As always, I can be reached via email at this address (srobesky@yahoo.com) and you can check up on my silly adventures by logging into www.nerdgirl.com To those that I am leaving behind in Spain...I wish you the best. It has been an amazing adventure filled with tons of laughter, beautiful friendships, some tears and lots of booze. An experience that I will treasure for my life. But we will keep in touch - and you'd better keep a sofa open for me to crash on when I visit. If anyone is visiting London, please drop me a line - I will always have the aforementioned sofa ready for you. Besos muy grande! Stephanie

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The magical kindom has once again opened it doors to the Asian market in Hong Kong. Yes, that is correct. All those Asians get to visit Mickey in their backyard with the extra added bonus that feng shui experts were brought in to help plan the park. I guess that means that Mickey will benefit from good fortune and harmonious energy. But it doesn’t stop there, on the advice of the feng shui masters the park faces the water with mountains in the back. The feng shui experts even picked the opening date of the park — Sept. 12!


Hong Kong Mickey

Hong Kong DisneyLand

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For those of you who don’t get 20 paid days of holiday per year or simply can’t afford to get away on an adventure holiday, we have the next best thing for you…

Bill Bryson travelogues. Yes, that is correct. You can take a little journey whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home. Plus you don’t have to deal with that pesky airport security or the annoyance of losing your luggage yet again. All of this coupled with English style dry humour (due to the fact that old Bill lived in Blighty for a good 20 years) make for enjoyable, highly readable adventures.

Bonus Recommendations – If you enjoy Bill’s travelogues, then you might possibly enjoy his other books that include:

The Mother Tongue – a history of English (the proper British English). Y’no what I mean? Innit!

Made in America – a history of American English with many useless facts that you can use to impress your friends – such as vichysoisse was invented in NYC (not France)

A Short History of Nearly Everything – This is a book about life, the universe and everything, from the Big Bang to the ascendancy of Homo sapiens. Yes that might sound a bit dry and boring – but written in Bryson’s style it is a page turner and completely enjoyable. Also includes more useless facts that you can use to impress your useless friends.

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Being that your faithful editor is moving soon from Barcelona, Spain to London, UK it seemed like a good time to try to psych ourselves up for the weather of old Blighty.

What is the best way for us to do this? Try to find another popular place in the world that has miserable weather too. The best place that we have found was Seattle. However, keep in mind that Seattle has one of the highest (if not the highest) suicide rates in the States. So much for that making me feel better.

Seattle Weather

London Weather

Maybe I am wrong. If anyone can find a place with weather that is similar, let us know! Check out weather.com

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Dear Guy Dating Me,

I don’t think that my rules are that difficult to follow. Some might call them pretty easy, but here they are all layed out in crystal clear format for your viewing pleasure.

1) Respect me. Easy enough said. If you are rude, inconsiderate or a compulsive liar, then you can go away. Far away.

2) Make an effort. OK, I realise that guys just drift off into their own world of la la, but sometimes you need to come back to earth and let me know that you actually do think about me and care. Quick wins: emails, text messages, flowers (not roses), a call to say hello.

3) Don’t be jealous or possessive. We all know that I am the world’s largest flirt. I have tons of guy friends (and yes, some of them probably do want to get in my pants). But that doesn’t mean that anything is going on. There is no greater turn off than an insecure man blaming me for something I haven’t done (but just might do if you keep whining).

4) I don’t expect complete fidelity. This is something that I think we should all take a moment to think about. I am not saying to run out and cheat on me every chance you get, but at the same time I understand that everyone is human. Shit happens (as the bumper sticker says). And honestly, I don’t expect everyone to be perfect, even myself – save fidelity for marriage.

If you do cheat on me, do me the favour of never (I repeat, never) sharing your guilt with me. This is something that no one ever needs to be told by someone that they care about. Don’t tell me – I don’t want / need to know.

5) Give me some me time. I don’t want to be around you every waking second. I have a lot of friends and sometimes they are reserved only for me. I might will take off on trips and not invite you along, deal with it. At the same time, keep your own life as well and take time for you. In the end, it’ll make us both happier and add a little mystery to the mix.

6) You are officially banned from now and to forever from my girlfriends. That means that if we break up and you fancy one of them, you still aren’t allowed to go out with them. Note: this does not apply to me with your friends.

7) No drama and no games. No axes in doors, no drunken fights in a street over something stupid. I don’t want any of this. If you are feeling dramatic, go and watch a soap opera and leave me out of it.

8) Open doors for me. Simple and easy.

9) Be nice to Roley. You don’t have to love the dirty little bastard, but you have to at least pretend to get along with him.

10) Be cool and take it easy. If it isn’t fun anymore and we make each other miserable, then let’s call it quits without all the hassle of tears and blame. If there is a “soft-landing” there is a better chance that we’ll be friends forever. The most important thing is to have fun and a laugh!

Thank you,

P.S. Amendments to these rules can be made at any time by me (obviously).

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