Oklahoma Driver License

Transferring an Out of State Driver License to Oklahoma

Things I’ve learned this week in the grand Tulsa adventure.

How to transfer my California Driver License to an Oklahoma License.

The good news is that a Driver License from another state can be transferred to Oklahoma without having to take a written or drive test.

If the applicants driving record meets the standards set by the Department of Public Safety and surrenders either of the following:

  • A valid unexpired driver license issued by any state or country for the same type or types of vehicles, or
  • An expired driver license that:
    • Is not expired more than six (6) months past the expiration date listed on the driver license
    • Is not a Class A, B or C commercial driver license or commercial driver license permits

You’ll need to bring:

One thing to note is there is no full service Department of Motor Vehicles here. Here is it called the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. After you visit them to submit all this information they issue a form that you then need to take to something called a tag agency where you pay a fee and the license is printed. Tag agencies are private businesses that deal with all the printing stuff, apparently.


  • Schedule an online appointment for the DPS – The charge is something like $1.75, but well worth the cost to not wait 4 hours in a queue. I showed up and was ushered in within 5 minutes. It did not make people happy.
  • There are two offices in Tulsa:
    Tulsa West (this seems to be the closest to downtown)
    3190 W 21st St S, Tulsa, OK 74107
    Tulsa Eastgate
    14002 E. 21st St. Eastgate Metroplex
  • And finally a list of Tulsa Tag Agencies

Next up…how to transfer vehicle title to Oklahoma.