The Journey to Tulsa

The Journey to Tulsa

The last month has been a bit of a marathon. I spent the month packing up my Castro apartment in anticipation of the Tulsa move, saying goodbye to all my friends all while still trying to work. It was a lot.

I haven’t moved in the last 9 1/2 years, so the amount of stuff I have accumulated over that time is cringeworthy. I ended up losing count at around 150 boxes. It was a painful realization that people can be non-apparent hoarders. I think I am really good at organizing my hoard into deep dark corners and storage units. When I had to unearth it all I wanted to cry or light it all on fire. I managed to do neither.

The move had a few rough patches. The first being moving truck day when it took 3 men 8 hours to load up all my shit.

Next up was when I lost Franny cat on the streets of San Francisco only to discover this when I got to Oakland. Don’t worry, she’s fine and back with us!

Lost Kitty

And another rough day was the actual travel day. The day before travel day, Fujie (aka Mom) and I drove up to Los Angeles to stay with old family friend Monte. With two cats and a dog and a car full of crap in tow. In LA, I surrendered my car to a few large Ukranians to drive it across to Oklahoma while we flew. Did I mention that we had 2 cats and a dog? Going through LAX? Yeah. I do not recommend that anyone attempt this feat. We basically nearly had all out cat meltdown trying to go through security with my menagerie. And cats in bags on flights? Not happy animals.

Ukrainians driving my car to Tulsa

Alas, we all made it to Tulsa just in time for the tornado and flood warnings to cease. Thank goodness for that!

Mom and I spent a few days hanging out driving around the town, participating in Tulsa Gay Pride and relaxing in an Airbnb. Next big milestone will be on June 19th when I finally get to move into my house. Can’t wait!