Had a flight booked yesterday from Tallinn, Estonia to Barcelona, Spain. KLM to Amsterdam and then changeover to Barcelona.

Arrived at the airport 2 hours in advance. Went to check-in. Amazingly, no queue. Granted this is Tallinn airport, not exactly Heathrow. The woman at the check-in desk started to do her magic. Then looked up slightly confused and started speaking Estonian to her fellow deskclerk. Uh-oh, I think. My bags are definitely going to end up in Thailand or something. But after a few minutes of consultation things started to go fairly smoothly. I was given my boarding pass and sent on my merry little way.

Went up to the restaurant upstairs and plugged myself into a wall socket while munching down on a surprisingly good blintz with red caviar, onion and sour creme. Sent a text message to the wifi provider and received my 24 hour pass for only 50EEK (roughly $4.00 – BARGAIN). Things were looking really good as the rest of my waiting time passed.

Finally the flight was due to board so shuffled my butt through the security and passport control. Again, no problems.

Arrived at the gate. No one was boarding. Flight was delayed for about 20 minutes, but that was OK because my wireless still worked at the gate.

Flight starts to board. I get into the queue. I manage my way to the front shoving off over ambitious first time Russian travellers. I hand over my boarding pass.

The agent looks at my boarding pass and asks where my ticket is.

I have no ticket. My travel agency booked ticketless travel.

I am asked to wait while the rest of the plane boards. I’m still OK at this point assuming that the newbie ticketing agent just pushed some wrong button hence all the confusion at the frontdesk. I sit down and continue enjoying my wireless connection.

The agent calls to the ticketing desk. Then informs me that I haven’t actually paid for my ticket. Which prompts me to ask – why the hell did yo give me a boarding pass then???

Turns out that P & O travel somehow ignored my request to issue my ticket yet still sent me a confirmation of my flight and reservation number. When I phone them, they admit their mistake but somehow try to pass the blame back to the airline by asking the same question that I had. Why the hell did they give me a boarding pass?

In the midst of all this confusion and telephone calling, the agent REFUSES to speak to the travel agency by stating “I don’t talk to travel agents”. Then proceeds to call someone and tell them to offload my bags. At the same time, the travel agent is saying “I can issue your ticket right now, it will only take me 1 second, please tell them to hold on”.

I look out the window. I see a little yellow luggage cart drive up the aircraft. I see them open the cargo hold and disappear inside.

My suitcase magically appears and all of a sudden the entire plane is gone.

And I am still sitting at the gate with nothing but my wireless connection and my hopes of arriving in Barcelona squashed.

So whose fault was it? Amazingly, both parties managed to blame each other thereby deflecting any actually responsibility. Gotta love a scapegoat…

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After spending this week getting caught up on the show Lost, I have been compiling a list of things that would have been helpful for the people on the island to have had with them.

1. Hypodermic needles
2. A Korean to English dictionary
3. Extra large T-shirts
4. Loads of extra batteries
5. A soldering iron
6. A gun and ammo
7. Vodka
8. Antibiotics
9. Scissors or knives
10. Sunblock
11. Razor blades
12. A lighter
13. Heroin
14. Diapers

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After yesterday’s debacle, I received an email back in regards to my complaint.

This was a portion of it:

Dear Stephanie

Thank you for your email.

We are unable to make amendments to bookings at this address it will be
necessary for you to call the Contact Centre and a travel advisor will
be able to assist you. Your tickets may be upgraded to a higher fare
for a fee only if there is availability.

Basically, I had to phone their call center to figure out a way to buy my way out of this stupid error. And I did. For an additional

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This is just a post to let everyone out there know that Virgin Atlantic airways is about to lose a valuable and loyal customer. They have just ripped me off for

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image why my dad – whom i call bob (but he is still my real dad) – is a really cool dude:

  • He listens to Green Day and Eminem
  • He actually goes to see Green Day in concert
  • He drove me to my first Grateful Dead concert in San Francisco (I was 15) and let my friends and I party without intruding
  • He is the one who told me to put gum behind my ear (and then I fell asleep and got it tangled to the point that I had to cut it off)
  • He (and my mother for that part) put up with me raging through my teenage years and putting them through a million sleepless nights
  • He has perfected the art of ice cream making (for only about $400 per pint)
  • He wastes more money on stupid shit than I do
  • His dog is named Tivo
  • He has a first generation Tivo that he has hacked for more storage
  • He has his own blog
  • He won the first NEC portable computer at Comdex in 1981 and got to take a photo with Dom Delouise
  • He had a Compuserve account and a 2400 baud modem
  • He knows what PHP is – and doesn’t get it confused with PCP
  • He wears the same shirt every day (well, same make of Land’s End blue tshirt) because it is comfortable and he likes it
  • He probably spends as much money as I do on iTunes
  • He reads Harry Potter and tons of other interesting books
  • He is smarter than all the people on Jeopardy
  • He is a grumpy old bastard, but we still love him
  • He has SkypeMe buttons on his website
  • He is always online and talks to me every day on Skype
  • He had sex with my Mom at least two times to produce my brother and myself
  • He has been married to my mom for 45 years and still considers her his best friend
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    My nose is itchy. My nose is itchy and DRY. My nose is driving me crazy. At this point I will try anything to make it stop.

    This has included saline drops (which sucks as a remedy) and the most recent thing suggested to me (because in England they aren’t too hip to give you crazy concoctions to stick up your nose and snort) was putting Vaseline up my nose. To lubricate it.

    And the sad thing is that I am so desperate – at this point – that my nose is resembling Rudolf the Red Nose Deertrout – that I am actually doing it.

    Other things that Vaseline is good for:

  • Chapped lips
  • Cuts
  • Taming your bushy eyebrows
  • Making your teeth all shiney like those pagent girls
  • Removing make-up
  • Boys can use it for…well…whatever they want
  • Greasy up hot guys on the beach and watching their skin sizzle like fried chicken

    Just remember, folks, that you are not supposed to use Vaseline with condoms…the oil breaks them down. So just stick it up your nose if you can…

    it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again
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    As if the airline industry hasn’t had its fair share of disasters in the past few years, now there is talk of restricting travel to help stop the Asiatic bird flu from spreading.


    More here

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    I’ve watched two episodes of this MTV show called My Super Sweet 16 and it makes me so angry that I want to kill people. Seriously. I keep waiting for the punchline to come…but then the credits roll and the show ends. I keep waiting for the super strech limo in the end to explode into a million pieces and end my pain and suffering. But it just doesn’t happen.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the show – it follows around teenagers on their party planning adventure for their sweet 16 party. Fair game. Except they are the most ridiculous, waste of space, self centered group of kids I have ever seen with parents that are just as stupid, wasteful and irresponsible as their children. These are parents that are laying out anywhere from $200k-500k for a party for their spoiled worthless children to buy their friends and propogate the American dream of growing up to suck dick like Paris Hilton and be famous for doing nothing but.

    It really makes me sick. I can’t stand to see people waste their money and raise such idiot children (and then fill my tv space with them).

    I would really like to see at least one episode where the parents decide to buy their kid a brain transplant and a new Mercedes. And then they all commit ritual suicide at the end. And the MTV staff that creates such a shit show end up on a deserted island where they are attacked by “the others”.

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