Since I’ve been sitting in the house all day doing not a hell of a lot of anything (except not having a hangover which is a miracle in itself), I decided it was time to revamp the nerdgirl layout. OK – it is nothing drastic and I’m sticking to the same theme colours and header that I have had forever, but instead of the listing style, I’m going to try out a typical blog theme.

So what do you think? Revert back to the old way or continue tweaking this bad boy?

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Arrived home yesterday from a week long stint in Tallinn only to discover that the weather is total crap still in London. Seriously – is it ever going to get better? There have been about 3 nice days and the rest is just typical.

Other things that are going on…

Got the invite for Fiona and Tim’s wedding in July. Looks like it will be a great week of hanging out in the sunshine of Spain. The invitation was really cute – like a travel brochure. I’ve booked my flight and will be arriving on Tuesday evening and staying through till Sunday. Events include wine tasting and golfing.

Went to dinner last night at the Pigalle Club. Great little supper club near Picadilly Circus. Nice live jazz band and tons of cocktails. Fun evening.

Tonight just hanging out at the house listening to the karaoke downstairs. Eurovision Song Contest is on right now, but I am not watching it… instead will get caught up on Desperate Housewives and Lost.

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cannes hills


cannes with bonita


marbella with arlie


castelldefells with nigel


ibiza sailing


ibiza with king britt


ibiza with biscuit


menorca with giles arlie and darbs


miami at the national

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April last year was one of the toughest months that I have ever had. What the hell was I doing?


hospital trip for surgery


saying goodbye to danny in lancaster

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1. Wes Anderson – I love love love his films. This guy blows me away every time with his amazing scripts. His stories are completely original. They are told in such an amazing tone. He has such memorable and likeable characters – like Max Fischer – that it makes me want to crawl inside his head and take a nap to try to figure out where it all comes from.

His movies
Bottle Rocket – A gang of wannabe thieves try to infiltrate the underbelly of organised crime by planning a heist at a refridgeration plant…

2. Josh Schwarz – the creator of the O.C. Yes, it is a teenage drama. But you can see that he has written the comic book loving, Jewish geek, Seth Coen, after himself. And I can’t help but to have such a crush on geeks. I never was really into jocks anyway. All the references to Cali shit and water polo players makes me smile every time. And he I hear that he is personally involved in the choice of music for the show. Makes me want to convert. Mazaltov.

3. Michael Smith – author of Giro Playboy. Ever since I went to the reading at the Royal South Bank I’ve had a crush on this Northerner. I think he sparked some romantic fantasy about going out with a writer. Plus he is completely cute in a shy, artistic sort of a way. Note that I once slept with a Michael Smith – but he was more of the dimestore, ghetto Eminem variety than a creative genius (unless you think that creativity is stemmed from welfare fraud)…

4. Kevin Smith – Do I have a thing for Smiths? OK. I know that I blasted KS for his crap writings in his latest book. But I can still give the man credit for the genius of Mallrats and Clerks. Again, note the geek underdog skater theme that I dig…

5. Hurley on Lost – This is random. But I swear that I fancy that fat bastard. I was looking at his face and have determined that if he were skinnier – he would be quite hot. But I love the character. He is funny, yet sweet. In the real world, I would never go for funny and sweet – but let me live in my own little fantasy that I value people for non-superficial reasons.

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This week has been somewhat interesting…well at least in the sense that my life is a myriad of complete geek moments combined a few glam events.

In an exerpt of an email sent to a friend earlier this week:

I just spent the last hour of my life fretting over the fact that last night – after having “fixed” the Internet connection, I promptly “broke” the Internet (in the words of Arlie). So I’ve been plugging things in, disconnecting things, resetting things with tiny pins, reconfiguring DHCP, trying to understand what PPPoE really stands for and generally going nuts.

Then I started thinking back to the steps that I took whilst “breaking” the Internet and I recalled a crucial moment with the airport express asking me about a firmware update. I accidently pressed OK. Turns out that the firmware update actually is the culprit of said “broken” Internet. I downgraded and the Internet has been saved. By me. From my sofa.

Are you impressed? It is a wonder that you could even send a reply to me without the help of the Pony Express.

Now to my next mission which is that after I broke the Internet last night – I went upstairs and preceeded to break my desktop computer. And I’m not kidding. I thought it would be a good project to replace the computer case which consists of removing the motherboard, replacing the power supply and reconfiguring the harddrives. I did all of this succesfully but then switched this little thing in the back of the power supply (which I thought was power, but turned out to be the amp switcher) to 110v. I saw a little light emit from the power supply. I think I killed the damned thing. Thankfully in my lameness and complete and total technical ineptness, I forgot to plug in the motherboard so I didn’t blow that out.

So then my evening last night consisted of attempting to get all glammed up – which is difficult to do in London unless you have a pair of skinny jeans. I do not have a pair of skinny jeans so I’m a fashion don’t. Headed over to Harvey Nicks Fifth Floor for a private party. The launch of the clothing line Jovovich–Hawk. Total glam paparazzi studded event complete with waiters walking around with no shirts (cute model waiters) freely pouring champers and martinis. We all know that I love me a free cocktail! Afterwards, went to Movida to shake a tail feather for a bit.

There you have it. From geek to glam in 2 London days…

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Woke up this morning in the new flat at 10 am with something that resembled sunshine creeping through the blinds. Woke up to find that my eyes weren’t lying to me. There was actual sunshine hiding behind those curtains.

And there is one thing to say or think in London when you are blessed with this rare miracle. THANK GOD or Allah or whomever is responsible.

Seriously. It is like having lived through a full blown war. Called the winter…

When you are blessed with some sun it is the best thing you have ever felt on you face, on your body, on your soul.

London sun is one of the most expensive suns in the world. And I’m not even talking about in monetary tones, but the mental expense that it takes on ones soul to get to where we are today.

And the thing is… when it hits. It is like the grand fucking orgasm of a thousand hungry virgins…

Sunshine in London is a precious comodity.

Beautiful. Sunshine. Amazing.

Puts a smile on those typically cynical London faces.

And that, my friend, is fucking priceless.

Now just pray for a few more blissful days like todayl


the first pimms of the season

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A hand above the water
An angel reaching for the sky
Is it raining in heaven?
Do you want us to cry?

And everywhere the broken-hearted
On every lonely avenue
No one could reach them
No one but you…

One by one
Only the good die young
They’re only flying too close to the sun
And life goes on – without you…

Another tricky situation
I get the drownin’ in the blues
And I find myself thinkin’
Well, what would you do?

Yes, it was such an operation
Forever paying every due
Hell, you made a sensation
You found a way through…

One by one
Only the good die young
They’re only flyin’ too close to the sun
We’ll remember, forever…

And now the party must be over
I guess we’ll never understand
The sense of your leaving
Was in the way it was planned?

And so we grace another table
And raise our glasses one more time
There’s a face at the window
And I ain’t never, never sayin’ goodbye…

One by one
Only the Good die young
They’re only flyin’ too close to the sun
Cryin’ for nothing
Cryin’ for no one
No one but you

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