Test Photos – Canon Powershot G1X Mark II

Testing out my new Canon Powershot G1X Mark II and thought I’d post some cat photos for y’all.  I need to take it out for a proper shoot, but for today this will have to do.

IMG_0487Not a great shot for testing, but she looks so cute!

IMG_0509Sutro Tower from the roof


IMG_0441Zozo contemplating her escape and realising she has no where to go

IMG_0521Obligatory selfie

AdoreMe is a total scam

I recently subscribed – stupidly – to AdoreMe.  AdoreMe is a subscription scam / cheap lingerie company.  The premise is that they lock you into a monthly charge of $40 and after 5 months you are supposed to get a credit for a free set of lingerie from their catalogue.  When I say “supposed to” that means that they have some weird reward point system that they do not explain on their site for points that you can never use as far as I can tell.

I kept getting these charges on my card, but I was unable to check out on their site because they have some Facebook login bug that puts me in a loop and makes me unable to use their shopping cart.  So obviously I wanted to cancel.

I tried a few times to cancel my subscription, but they do the usual porn scam where they won’t allow you to cancel unless you call them.  Yep, no automatic site cancel or even cancellation by email.  You have to call and then they place you on hold listening to some bad Katy Perry song for about 20 minutes or more until you get frustrated and hang up.  Then you incur another monthly charge.

I finally got through to them this morning, after wanting to stab myself in the eye from that music loop, and I cancelled my account, but I was warned that I lose all of my “loyalty reward points” if I cancel.  This means that I wasted all that money for nothing because I didn’t even get the free set that I was promised AND earned because I wasn’t able to use their site for the last months.  I was also informed that I can’t get my credits back.  Ugh.  What a total scam.  I recommend you do not use this service.  Their site sucks, the quality of their goods is sub-par and their customer service is clearly awful.

And one more thing.  They are the most annoying email spammers of all time.  You have to endure nearly twice a day emails from them.  Ick.

Rating: F

Side note:  I did a password reset to see if that might solve my FB login problem.  It did which basically negates the entire point of having a Facebook login.  Also, they send their password resets with the password in plain text.  Awesomely insecure, but I would expect that from this sham of a company.

Want a stand up desk without buying a new desk?

Businessman stretching in an office

Yes this post is coming on the heels of me talking about my awesome new desk at home…this one is referring to my desk at work.

Everyone has heard how bad it is to sit on your ass all day at work.    Not only do you get fat, but a number of other things happen to your body like organ damage and muscle degeneration.

The answer to this has been the invention of the stand up desk.  And lots of people have adopted this crazy by purchasing special motorised desks that allow them to adjust up and down.   A few hardcore people opt for taller desks that don’t adjust or have taller chairs, but this is a bit too extreme for me.

The alternative solution to buying an entirely new desk is to buy a portable laptop tray that you can adjust and simply set it on top of your desk.   This way you can test out the idea of standing at your desk without making the full commitment of buying an expensive piece of furniture.  Plus it is just easier and cheaper.

IMG_20140404_112401 (1)

I picked up this one on Amazon for $39.99 - iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Laptop Computer Desk Portable Bed Tray Book Stand Multifuctional & Ergonomics Design Dual Layer Tabletop (Black)

My Super Awesome Desk

Time to share my new desk with the world.  I’ve had it for a few months, but haven’t gotten around to share so now is the time for the unveiling.


I came across this guy Jeremiah who makes custom mid-century modernesque furniture in San Francisco and really fell in love with a desk that he had on Etsy that had cable storage in the back.  Slick.    I have had a basic glasstop on trundles style desk for the past 10 years  and decided it was time for an upgrade so I started the process of figuring out what I wanted.

There were a few problems with the glass desk.  One being that it drove me crazy that I could see every fingerprint and catprints on the desktop.  I was constantly cleaning it to no avail.  The second thing I hated was the fact that I had no storage or drawers to hide my crap.

In thinking of what I wanted for my next desk I also decided it would be great if I could have a multi-purpose space where I could use the desk as a vanity to do my makeup instead of in my dim bathroom.  Great.

I went to Jeremiah with the request to have the desk design like on Etsy, but could he somehow make it into a vanity for me.  We brainstormed a few possibilities and came up with a design that would have one of the drawers converted into a fold-down mirror.  And also decided to add on orange fronts to the drawers for some flair.

After a few months of waiting, the desk was delivered and I am more than thrilled with it.  The mirror / vanity turned out to be amazing and also have enough room to put all of my makeup in the drawer.

The only things I would change on the desk would be to somehow incorporate lighting and also I would’ve made it slightly taller.  I ended up buying clear plastic raisers from Amazon that worked find to add some height.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

IMG_20140402_075228 IMG_20140402_075301

Jeremiah Collection

Animal Restaurant – LA

Menu at Animal Restaurant

Menu at Animal Restaurant (Photo credit: Muy Yum)

Had a yummy dinner at Animal restaurant in LA last night and wanted to recap it here for my own memory’s sake.

First off, Animal is full on carnivore heaven.  Snout to tail eating going on here with a very extensive menu that is not for the faint hearted.  Don’t worry, there are also some fish dishes on the menu, but if you are vegetarian then forget about it.

I was super excited to get a reservation for dinner very easily.  A feat that would be unheard of if Animal was in San Francisco, trust me.   The decor of the place is minimalist with just wood tables and pretty baren walls.  The ambiance was a bit noisy and had a totaly random selection of music playing.  I heard Tom Petty and Kayne 808 back to back, but I enjoyed the randomness of the music.  The staff was also very attentive.  They were more than happy to show you plates when they were walking by to serve another table and tell you what it was and even the bussers were super knowledgable about the menu and ingredients.

OK onto the fun part.  The food.  Yum.


Crispy Pig Head

We started out with the chicken liver toast which was delicious.  Super rich liver and the bread was toasted  just  enough to be soft but crunchy and warm enough to be a perfect counterpart to the liver.  We ended up ordering two portions because it was so good.  Next up we had the market citrus, pistachio, fennel, champagne vinegar, wild herbs.  This was kind of a “let’s be healthy” sacrifice and not terribly memorable.    We saw the spicy beef tendon chip, charred onion pho dip walking by and decided to get an order.  It was basically a beef chicharrone.  I love me some pork cracklin so this was a fav of mine.  Another to die for dish was the crispy pig head, short-grain rice, bulldog sauce, soy egg.  Damn it, this was the bomb.   According to our server, the pig head was ground up and then slow cooked for 12-16 hours.  The bulldog sauce and the rice made this taste like some kind of a katsu dish.

For larger portions – which we shared because Animal is kind of like tapas meets family style – we had ricotta gnocchi, six-hour bolognese.  The gnocchi was light as a feather which is sometimes hard to find and the bolognese was delish.  Totally mouth-watering.  I even got my mostly Paleo counterpart to indulge and he was not disappointed.  For a side, we ordered the crispy brussels sprout, pancetta vinaigrette, soft egg, parmesan.  Also amazing, but by this time I was getting so full that I only had one bite of it.   For a fish dish we tried yellowtail collar, jerk spices, jicama, citrus, palm sugar.  This was a pretty big portion and the seasoning of it was really different like a sweet and spicy meets citrus.  Very good, but next time I would pass on this dish in lieu of other menu items that were far superior.  Finally, we finished off with fried rabbit legs, short grain rice, lemon pepper, sour cream gravy.  To be honest, at this point I was way too full to even appreciate the dish.  The legs were way bigger than I had expected and I could only stomach a few bites.  I think I was unable to appreciate this dish and am a little sad about it.

Overall, I had a fantastic meal and my only regret is that we ordered far too much.  The menu has so many tempting items on it that I can’t see how anyone could practice restraint at this restaurant.  I guess I will have to go back so I can hone in on the true winners!


My Latest Obsession: Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap


The first time I tried a Dr Bronner’s soap was at someone’s house and it was the peppermint scented version.   I swear that it made my genitals burn.  Not just tingle slightly, but full on I thought I might be permanently damaged by it.  It was really not that amusing and I swore never to use the stuff again.  Plus the bottle looked like some deranged Jesus freak had gone on some meth’d out tweek and designed the label.

Fast forward to 2014 and my search for more natural products to use in the bathroom.   And Dr Bronner’s psycho soap kept popping up in my searches so I decided to give it another shot.  I’m glad I did.  This time I went with the lavender scented soap – instead of that genital burning peppermint.  Wow.  What a difference.  The lavender smells amazing and there is no burning.

I bought both the liquid form and the bars of soap which I cut into smaller bars for taking with me while I travel.  I’ve become accustomed to the crazy label and it actually gives me something interesting to read while I am in the shower.

In addition to body wash, I’ve been using it for shampoo and for my face soap.  So, yay, three products down for the price of one!

The ingredients in Dr Bronners are:


Get your own damned Dr. Bronner’s from Amazon