Two Years

Came across some photos from two years ago and was kind of shocked at what a big difference between now and then so I took a pic in the same pose.

Two years ago this week I had just started chemo.  I had gotten out of the hospital after having severe brain seizures (yep, 7 days with no sleep), I was learning how to walk again and could barely make it halfway down the block and – as evidenced by the photos – I looked and felt like shit.

Photo on 8-21-12 at 7.25 AM

Photo on 8-22-12 at 10.12 PM #2

Two years ago with fat chemo hands, bad nails, swollen chemo/steroid face and short hair from it all falling out

Photo on 8-19-14 at 8.33 PM #4 Today – hair is back, nails are good, face isn’t fat… WOOT!

It makes me feel better looking at that original photo and remembering how bad it was then and knowing that I made it through all of that with my family and friends beside me.   My health isn’t perfect or back to the way it was before (and might not ever be again), but at least it has gotten better and hopefully will continue to get better.

Check back in two years and we’ll see!

Chef the movie review

This was from my review on Rotten Tomatoes:

I am in shock and awe that this film has such a high Rotten Tomatoes score (88%). Chef has one of the most boring, thinly-veiled, pointless, predictable plots that I have seen in a really long time. I had such high hopes for this movie and it was such a disappointment in so many ways.

In addition to the mind-numbingly awful plot, the use of corporate sponsorships for promoting their dumb apps made me want to stab myself in the eye. Seriously, I feel like I watched a movie about how to use Twitter and Vine more than anything else.

I left this movie feeling like I had wasted 4 hours of my life that I would never get back – and then I realized it was only 2 – that felt like an eternity stuck in a stinky food truck driving across the United States suffering every painful, plotless mile with a fat Jon Favreau.  At least it gave me time to ponder how the hell his fat (yes, I said it again), sweaty, jobless ass would ever get with Sofia Vergara or Scarlett Johansson.

The only acting creds that I can give in this movie are to John Leguizamo and Robert Downey Jr (who is randomly thrown into the plot for all of 2 minutes).

Don’t waste your time on this movie. The rest of people who are raving about it are clearly wannabe Top Chef watching foodies who think if you film someone pouring sauces on a plate of pork it is artistic or entertaining. They are wrong and lacking in more than tastebuds for their food.


After watching that trailer I realize that every possibly interesting/funny bit is in that trailer.  So my advice would be to watch the trailer and save yourself the pain of sitting through the rest of the 1 hour and 58 minutes of nothingness that happens in this shit movie.

Where is Nerdgirl?

I have been super bad at updating the site lately.

There are a few reasons for this. One of them is I don’t tend to write when things are going well because I am feeling so good that I don’t want to tie myself down to writing and would prefer to enjoy the moment. And then the other reason is when I’m feeling terrible (physically) and I fear that my whinging would be too depressing for anyone.

I grapple with how much I want to share about the ‘terrible’ stuff because I’m not entirely sure how appropriate it is (as in TMI). I’ve worked on a few posts and then I don’t end up posting them because perhaps some of that therapy is better left in my mind or amongst conversations with my friends/family.

Anyways. I hope to get back on track with feeling better and then with updating the blog about all the things I’ve been working on, thinking about, playing with, reading.. the usual.

Until then.

Nail crazed

After my lupus nail trauma I am happy to report that my nails are back in business.  I find it super relaxing to do my own nails plus it saves a ton of cash and time that I would spend having to get a manicure every week.  I have a pretty extensive selection of polishes and tools to accomplish my nail mission, but I have recently taken it to a new level of crazy by actually cataloguing the contents of my collection.

First off I swatched all the colors onto a nail fan that I bought on Amazon for a mere $2.44 w/ free shipping.  I find this helpful because with so many colors sitting in a drawer it is sometimes hard to choose what I want and also to know what the finish looks like on an actual nail.  This takes care of that.  All of the swatches have a label with the SKU of the polish on them for quickly locating them in the drawer.  They are also in order according to brand.

nail swatches

After that I made a Google Spreadsheet listing all of the different brands, colors, finishes and collections in case I run out of anything or to narrow down a color that I am interested in.

brazil nails

And finally I paint the nails.   Example above of my Brazil World Cup nails from last week.