RHBH: Should the show go on?

We had a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premier party on Monday to celebrate the latest season (and possibly only city worth watching). The ladies were back in their full ridiculous glory complete with recently overplumped lips galore. The show started out with Bravo doing its best to milk Russell’s death. All the ladies gathered […]

Hillbilly Handfishin’

Hillbilly Handfishin

via youtube.com Can’t quite figure out how you can make an entire series off of hand fishin’. Must watch this to find out…

Can someone please explain Amber from Teen Mom?

We don't understand how it is possible that this horrible teen mother is always lying around her house every single episode in an unmade mattress that sits on the floor.  EVERY EPISODE.  We should make a Teen Mom drinking game that includes this and when Farrah is horrible to her mother.  We'd be drunk every […]

Another Housewife makes music…Michaele Salahi

Another Housewife makes music...Michaele Salahi

via youtube.com Yes. This is as bad as you might think it would be. Oh Michaele. We really hated Housewives of DC which was undisputedly the worst of the franchise, but there was always something a little bit psychotic and entertaining about dear Michaele and her former cheerleading ways.