Just The Tip or The Story of How Oscar Lost His Tail

In the annals of bad pet ownership I should receive a new award.  I failed my poor kitten Oscar miserably and epically this last week.  All in the name of trying to actually help him. Let me try to describe Oscar for those of you who don’t actually know him personally.  He is a tiny, bald, […]

I’m in an abusive relationship (with my cat)

Don’t be fooled by this sweet sleeping cat My cat hates me.  I love my cat.  This latest episode concretes everything that I suspected, but wasn’t quite sure about. This is part of the note that I wrote to the cat sitter when I was leaving town explaining Oscar’s typical behaviour. Oscar loves boys. Oscar […]

Happy Birthday, Oskie and Zoe!

Oscar and Zoe turned 1 on February 17th.  Cute little monkey cats!  They look full sized, but they are still big babies.  It is so great to have little best friends.  They are adorable together.  Always chasing each other around and when they are tired they like to curl up together and groom one another. […]

Immortal Oscar

Got the best Christmas/Birthday pressie of all time.  Oscar embroidered!  How cool is that?  Thanks, Ryan and Kate for the awesome and thoughtful gift.  If you are interested in getting your pet immortalized in embroidery, then head over to Kate’s sister’s website – Embroidabitch (a girl after my own heart) and order one!

Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Honey Badger says to stop declawing cats. I have to agree.  When one declaws their cat it is the equivalent to cutting off one’s fingers down to the first knuckle.  Not nice at all.  I’d rather pay for a new sofa than cut off my baby’s fingers.  I find that keeping nails clipped does a […]

Oscar the Boo Boo Kitty

I know you all think he is ugly.  Well, most of you at least.  But darn it, I see his little face in the morning and he is the best medicine that someone could have.