I’m in an abusive relationship (with my cat)


Don’t be fooled by this sweet sleeping cat

My cat hates me.  I love my cat.  This latest episode concretes everything that I suspected, but wasn’t quite sure about.

This is part of the note that I wrote to the cat sitter when I was leaving town explaining Oscar’s typical behaviour.

Oscar loves boys. Oscar isn’t too sure about women. He definitely likes to follow around the house and he is very vocal. He makes a weird sound with his throat all the time to voice his displeasure with the world or to ask questions or to give you a command. He is very bossy. He will tell you if he wants you to wake up by sitting on you in bed and making his noise and walking about restlessly. He is a cute little guy who likes things on his own terms. He doesn’t like being picked up or pet. I mainly let him be and love him for who he is. He also likes to crawl into bed to sleep and will probably scratch on the blankets. This is his sign that he wants under the covers.

And then last night I had this correspondence with the cat sitter.


Which basically leads me to the conclusion that Oscar hates me.  I seriously try my hardest to make him love me, but he doesn’t let me pet him and he never purrs when he is with me.  He uses me for food and makes me clean up after him, but I get no love.  Yet I try my hardest.  Mean mean kitty that Oscar.