mobiado Aston Martin phone

via I often wonder who the hell buys a “luxury” phone like a Vertu or mobiado. I picture some rich Saudi or someone who cares nothing about technology. I mean, even Paris Bloody Hilton has a Blackberry (or a Sidekick). Look at the specifications of this Aston Martin branded fug-gadget: Email with dedicated email […]

World’s thinnest Physical Keyboard for iPhone – SmartKeyboard!

Worlds thinnest Physical Keyboard for iPhone - SmartKeyboard!

via This actually looks pretty cool. It might actually make using an iPhone keyboard easy. As I have stated before, I don’t have an iPhone because I hate the keyboard. This might be the answer to my woes. I also love the magnetic hinge ala iPad cover.  Looks pretty slick.

Automate Android with Tasker. Lifechanging.

Tasker for Android is a complete lifechanger for me. The geek in me doesn’t say that lightly. Tasker is an Android app that allows you to pretty much automate anything on your phone.  It is so powerful that even I don’t know exactly what to do with it! See the full gallery on Posterous Some […]

Android phone tip: Wifi not connecting and staying connected to router

For some reason, several Android devices connect to the home wifi and then they mysteriously disconnect. This has been a problem that has gone on too long in this household and I was getting terribly frustrated.  I finally think I have traced the cause down to the router encryption.   We had the router set […]

‪MIUI on MyTouch 4G‬‏ – YouTube

‪MIUI on MyTouch 4G‬‏ - YouTube

via This is MIUI running on the MyTouch4G. Love it! For more info and to hack your own phone: