Kindle Textbook Rental

via I really didn’t know about this feature of Kindles. You can rent textbooks. I was browsing the site and saw that a book I was looking at had a “rent” option. Interesting. You basically choose how long you want to rent it and it quotes you different prices. From Amazon: Kindle Textbook Rental […]

Zara launches e-commerce in the US. Finally.

I’m not sure why it takes big retailers forever to wake up and smell the e-commerce, but it does.  It makes me really happy that Zara has finally launched e-commerce in the US.  They are way ahead of H & M who don’t even plan on launching their e-commerce until 2012. My only other issue […]

Amazon vs. California: The Fight by the Numbers

via $200,000,000: Dollars per year California stands to take in under a law requiring online retailers to collect state sales tax.  $5,250,000: Dollars Amazon has already donated to an effort to repeal the law.  $13,000,000,000: Dollars cut in June from the state’s two university systems because of budget shortfalls.  2,257,000: Californians unemployed (PDF) in […]