How to end 2012

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake | Our Best Bites. This is how I plan on ending 2012.  With a big ass chocolate cake that I am baking right now.  Yep.  I can’t think of a better way to get rid of a shitty year than spending the evening with some great friends eating a fabulous meal, […]

Christmas with The Robeskys

Another Christmas at the Robesky household in Fresno.  This year we celebrated with a change to our typical prime rib meal by serving bison for the meat.  It was actually pretty darned delicious.  Much leaner than the fatty prime rib and cooked to perfection.  Bob did complain that the seasoning was too strong, but I […]

Merry Christmas

This one is for my dad.  He said that he was getting sick of looking at the Castro weiners flying in that girl’s face so I decided to make him a Ralphie animated gif. Christmas Story is legendary around our house.  One of the Robesky family traditions that my dad forces us to watch over […]

Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Honey Badger says to stop declawing cats. I have to agree.  When one declaws their cat it is the equivalent to cutting off one’s fingers down to the first knuckle.  Not nice at all.  I’d rather pay for a new sofa than cut off my baby’s fingers.  I find that keeping nails clipped does a […]

Another Reason to Love Living In San Francisco

  Reasons to love living in San Francisco #4,703.  That a) there is even this talk of banning public nudity mostly due to the “naked guys” who walk around the Castro with their junk out wearing cock rings b) that it is no surprise whatsoever that a nudist would show up and call the “anti-public […]

Spawn of Bob

Spawn of Bob

The dude with the beard that is kissing the other guy and picking on Coors beer?  Yeah.  That is my father, Bob.  I guess I can be forgiven for my lack of social graces when this was my role model.  Ahh, my Pop.  Gotta love him.



I will always love this song.  Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Sometimes we have landslides in our lives.

Juice cleanse update

I think that I was overly stupid and jumped the gun on doing the juice cleanse… I lasted a day and a half and started to feel really ill and decided that it was probably not the best idea to be so extreme given my current state of health. I got a splitting headache and […]

Brunch at The Chat

Brunch at The Chat

We had a nice little brunch this weekend to celebrate the unveiling of the new kitchen at The Chat. I set up the Canon 60D camera to do a timelapsed recording of the event. There was a photo shot every 30 seconds for about 4 hours. All in all we ended up with about 400 […]