Another Reason to Love Living In San Francisco



Reasons to love living in San Francisco #4,703.  That a) there is even this talk of banning public nudity mostly due to the “naked guys” who walk around the Castro with their junk out wearing cock rings b) that it is no surprise whatsoever that a nudist would show up and call the “anti-public nudity chairman”, who by the way is named Weiner, a fascist and then disrobe so we can see her old lady boobs.  As you can see by the faces of the members of the board of supervisors they are hardly phased by this somewhat odd act, presumably because they live in San Francisco and they expected nothing less!

Watch the video for the unsurprising act and the full frontal old lady boob shot.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lady Activist Strips Naked During Committee Meeting, Calls Wiener Fascist [NSFW]: SFist.